Estate management

Estate Management

Ask A Gardener specialises in maintenance of private estates, country homes and hotels.


Beautiful grounds and gardens are the focal point, which is why professional maintenance is critical to enhancing and complimenting the surrounding environment, creating a statement is what we are here to do.


We have a long and enviable history of maintaining the grounds of many private estates, country homes and hotels.

Whether it's for business, pleasure or special occasions, our years of experience in combining ground and garden care mean we really know how to make an impact.


Every visit is structured to keep your grounds looking aesthetically pleasing all year round, encompassing a full range of maintenance procedures to unlock the blooming beauty of your borders and manicured stripy lawns that you may only see in glossy magazines.


Working in these environments requires us to be sensitive and considerate to who is around; with our friendly and accommodating nature we will quickly build a rapport with owners and managers putting our clients at ease.


We keep you up to date each month with itemised invoices and our work is carried out with the highest standards of workmanship and years of experience.


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free consultation about your gardening needs, contact us by email or phone 07715178075


Our estate management includes


Formal gardens and lawns

Informal gardens and lawns

Kitchen gardens

Croquet lawns

Tennis courts

Paddock Maintenance ( topping)

Woodland management

Ponds and lakes

Tree planting

Wild meadow gardens and nature walks

Outbuilding maintenance

Fruit tree pruning